In times of change, where people can work wherever, whenever they want because of technology, where leadership is being redefined, where functional teams flourish and where the challenge lies in keeping customers connected to the product, it is more than ever a necessity to let corporate culture change too. Therefore in our trainings for organisations, teams and professionals, we install new habits to facilitate that inevitable change. Because we believe that habits are a perfect tool to optimise transformations and innovations.

The Habit Magazine is our way to create an open culture about sharing ideas and expertise concerning habits.

In The Habit Magazine, you will find a lot of interesting real-life habit building stories from ourselves and the people we work with and cutting-edge insights and resources on all things habit related. We provide tons of open sharing from our own business experience and customer and hands-on and concrete tips on specific habit topics.


Happiness at work

That’s what this magazine is all about. How to enhance your happiness, not by forcing yourself into stuff, but by applying tiny new habits that can make a difference for you in the long run. Click and enjoy!

 The Habit Magazine


Time Management

When you start thinking about time, it’s pretty bewildering to grasp that time really is a non-renewable resource and this makes it a very precious one. What you will discover in this magazine? Habits for deep working, habits on how to focus in a noisy world, anti- & pro-procrastination habits, an interview with time-management expert Tim Christiaens, and much more! We sincerely hope we can make your lives a little bit better, hopefully buying you some precious time and awakening the Buddha in you! Read here.

New Ways of Working

In this edition, we dive deeper into ‘the new way of working’! Does it exist? We talked to NWoW expert Henny Van Egmond on the ‘dark side’ of NWoW, gained insight in new ways of learning & experimented with ‘activity sitting pads’. Intrigued for more? Click and read!

Less Stress, More Energy

In this edition, our goal is to change your mindshift towards stress. Evelien talks about her favorite energy apps, Isabelle shares some burn-out blocking habits, we tell you why stress is not the enemy, a true habit hero gives advice when it comes down to less stress and more energy… And lots lots lots more! Read magazine.

Performance Review

In this performance review edition, we hope to give you some new perspectives on the topic. Should the performance review be annual or more periodically? Should your organization create a culture where the performance review isn’t something to be afraid and nervous about? If the performance review were an animal, what animal would it be? What animal should it be? Go to magazine.

About Feedback

In this feedback edition, we will trigger your neurons with our feedback event, a habit myth busted, the magnificence (or not) of feedback, a habit aha that will maybe (hopefully) change your world, a habit project we’re pretty proud of, some word porn about the concept of “wrong spotting”, a habit hack experiment tested (and approved) at the CUTE office, a few habit feedback tools loved by our customers, and, of course, a bit of fun. Click and read.

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