New Way of Working

Is the New Way of Working a scam?

Habit AHA: The New Way of Working doesn’t exist

So it all started with Microsoft in 2005. They stated that NWoW is a different way of working and collaboration supported by the latest technology. But after a while, every company that adapted NWoW gave their own, slightly adjusted definition of this ‘new way of working’ … !

No, it just looks like there isn’t only 1 new way of working, but that you can define it to your own taste and company … Once you ask the ‘old way’ of working into question, you start building a new, personalised way of working.

But how do I know if I am working old or new?

There is a way to know if you work in NWoW environment or not … We searched, and found the basic building blocks that make an NWoW company! Check them out! Are you working NWoW or not?

Tips and Tools for the Smarter working professional


Is your working space working? Do the Leesman-survey to find out! Leesman helps organisations understand how their employees work and how well their spaces support productivity. It’s a great tool in preparing your organization to go NWoW!

Create your workplace!

Once you know your needs, use buzzispace to bring silence and style to your new office.

Enhance your success!

Enhance the success of the distributed learder and teams in you organization with ‘workevohlution‘: specialized in assessments and consulting on ‘distributed work’.

Install new habits!

Install new habits to create NWoW behaviours in your new environment! Click here for some habit-inspiration.

Activity based working

One thing every NWoW’er is doing, is activity-based working: a workplace strategy in which people vary their workplace according to the nature of their work. But even if you have the opportunity to work elsewhere, the question stays: when, where, and how do you work best? We went to ask Philip Vanhoutte (‘Smarter Working Professional’, in a previous life senior VP and managing director at Plantronix and co-author of the book ‘The smarter working manifesto‘) his TOP tips for the smarter working professionals!

So. It’s a scam?

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